XAVC - The Next Generation Codec for 4K & HD Acquisition and Post-Production

What is XAVC?

XAVC is a recording format introduced by Sony which can support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Colour sampling can be  4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 at 8-bits, 10-bits, or 12-bits. XAVC uses an MXF wrapper whereas the consumer version XAVC-S is an MPEG4 wrapper.

XAVC allows for both intra frame and inter frame (long group of pictures) recording. If you are the sort of person who is turned on by phrases like MPEG4 wrapping, Sequence Parameter Set and flexible data payload you can download the technical white paper here

Who uses it?

XAVC has been developed as an open format with Sony providing a license program for other manufacturers to develop their own high quality and high frame rate products.

The forty leading manufacturers’ below plan to support the Sony XAVC format and workflow:

How will it help me?

XAVC has been developed to solve a number of issues face by the production and post-community as the demand to produce 4K material increases.

Low-cost Media & High frame rate shooting

Shooting 4K with 4:4:4 10-bit sampling using MPEG2 delivers fantastic images, but it also creates lots of data which needs to be stored in the camera and then moved around in post-production. XAVC does what MPEG2 can do with half the data. Reducing the amount recorded means you can store the data on cheaper media and accommodate high frame rate shooting up to 180p.

Future-proofing - Beyond HD

Due to the low cost and efficiency of XAVC, it enables the adoption of 4K beyond feature films, to genres such as TV Dramas, Entertainment shows, Documentaries and Commercials. As well as the applications for the professional HDTV market, the XAVC format brings the creation of 4K content into the consumer market. Designed as a futureproof codec, XAVC will allow both broadcaster and production communities to build a future proof catalogue of high-end content today.


XAVC has been developed as an open format making it easier for companies in the broadcast arena to develop compatible products alongside Sony. To date over forty leading manufacturers’ products will support the XAVC format and workflow.

Cameras currently using XAVC

- Sony PXW-X70

- Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7K

- Sony PMW-F5/F55

- Sony PXW-X500

- Sony PXW-X200

- Sony PXW-Z100

>Release the power of XAVC with Visual Impact

Major Hollywood studios and steaming channels such as Amazon, Netflix and M-Go have committed to producing more 4K content in 2015. This trend is set to continue as more efficient codecs such as XAVC bring the world of 4K to TV, professional and even consumer markets.

Used by over 40 leading brands, there's little doubt that XAVC is the most powerful codec for 4K production. And the good news is no matter what size your business, XAVC is available to you.

As a Sony authorised partner we can help you realise the full potential of XAVC. From small hand-held camcorders to large sensor cameras, playback devices and digital glue to bring the whole package together we can advise, deliver and install the complete solution.

Some of the benefits Visual Impact can deliver

•             Fully trained XAVC product specialists

•             Purpose built demonstration facilities

•             20 years’ experience in the Broadcast industry

•             In house systems team

•             Multiple payment options

...and so much more!

>See it in action

Why not try it out for yourself at the Look Listen Experience roadshow, coming to 4 regional locations across the in UK during March. A range of XAVC products will be there along with product specialists from 15 leading brands plus our own experts who will give you a truly independent view.

Look Listen Experience Roadshow

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