The Sony PXW-X400 - Built with Ergonomics and Comfort in Mind

The Sony PXW-X400 is the much anticipated successor to the ENG favourite PMW-400 shoulder camera, bringing the well-known Sony ergonomics and usability with improved image quality and everything in between.

The Sony latest generation XAVC codec has becoming more and more popular in post-houses due to its outstanding image quality and compression allowing cameraman to shoot for longer, while still delivering excellent images.

Of course image quality is nothing without ergonomics in the ENG world. This is why the PXW-X400 shines among the rest. It not only features the latest 3 x 2/3-type CMOS Sony sensors and XAVC as well as legacy codecs such as MPEG2 HD 422 and DVCAM, but also sits perfectly balanced on your shoulder for a healthier and less fatigue-prone workflow.


Those who shoot news out in the field know the importance of proper shoulder balance, as otherwise constantly straining yourself and fighting against a front or back heavy rig can lead to some dangerous health issues such as back injuries.

The ergonomically friendly advanced design of the PXW-X400 makes it a must-have choice for news, documentaries and everyday broadcast production.

PXW_X400 Shoulder Sony

The design of the camera is optimised for ergonomic weight distribution eliminating front-heaviness due to the weight of most lenses, making it possible to use the camera longer, and with more comfort - and of course, less risk of long-term damage through poor posture.

The camera is also not so power hungry as other shoulder mount cameras with a low power consumption of just 22 watts, allowing camera professionals to use slimmer and smaller V-mount batteries. The industry-standard 2/3” lens mount provides compatibility with a huge range of broadcast lenses, with the instant responsiveness of a true mechanical design, or, soon, a 16x autofocus lens.

The PXW-X400 is also fully compatible with the Full HD HDVF-EL20 and HDVF-EL30 OLED viewfinders, which offer a lag-free image with excellent contrast control, with the EL30 providing a 3.5”, flip-up TFT display for comfortable viewing during lengthy events without the need to lean into the viewfinder eyepiece.

The PXW-X400 is so much more than just a very ergonomic shoulder camera though, for example a wireless transfer option via a single button push is present. Thus, the camera can wirelessly transfer either proxy or full resolution files to the studio or office in the background - without affecting normal shooting activity. This allows the camera operator to concentrate on getting the best images, instead of having to worry about delivering the material.

For further information on the camera and to order yours head over to our PXW-X400 page on our website here, or contact our Sony specialists at 0208 977 1222.