Sound Devices MixPre Series Firmware v1.20

MixPre Series Firmware v1.20 released for the MixPre-3 and MixPre-6. The firmware is an official release that provides new functionality as well as other system enhancements to previously released versions. It is highly recommended that MixPre users update to the latest version of firmware available for best performance.

MixPre Series Firmware

Changes introduced in 1.20 include:
• The MixPre-6 now offers 4-channel linking. (This feature is only available on the MixPre-6.)

To link channels 1-4:
1. Ensure System > Mode is set to Advanced, or if using Custom mode, that Channel is set to Advanced.
2. Push the channel 1 knob to access that Channel screen.
3. On page 3, tap Linking and select 1-4.
When channels 1-4 are linked, gain, fader, limiters, track arming, low cut filters, and input delay are all linked and controlled from Channel 1 screen and knob. Note: Available options vary based on set mode.

• Input Delay, a feature already available on the MixPre-6, is now supported on the MixPre-3. Available on channels 1-3, adjustable from 0 to 30 ms in 1 ms increments.


• In this firmware, the Linking feature was moved from Custom Setup > Gain > Advanced to Custom Setup > Channel > Advanced. This change now lets you link inputs while still having the option of one or two gain stages.

Users wanting to link inputs, but control all levels from the front-panel channel 1 knob should set System > Mode to Custom and then in Custom Setup, set Gain to Basic and Channel to Advanced.

Users wanting to link inputs with two gain stages while in Custom mode, ensure that Gain and Channel are both set to Advanced. Then, you can adjust gain levels for linked channels from the Channel 1 screen and adjust fader levels for linked channels with the Channel 1 knob.


• Corrected offset in timecode file stamps when using external LTC via the 3.5 mm Aux Input.
• Limiter Indicator would not properly show activity after unlinking input channels.
• Input delay for linked channels 1-2 incorrectly applied to linked channels 3-4 after power cycle.
• Gain not correctly applied to MS-linked line level inputs.
• Aux gain fader range display issues.
• Playback issue where isolated tracks were not routed correctly to outputs.

For more information on how to setup the new linking feature watch the Tiptorial overview from Sound Devices.

MixPre Series Firmware v1.20 may be downloaded from the following link: