Sony PXW-X200 Firmware V1.2 Adds Simultaneous Recording, Active MI Shoe & Streaming

Sony just released firmware update version 1.20 for their PXW-X200 Professional camcorder. The new firmware activates the MI Shoe so users can use the UWP-D11 series wireless transmitter without any cables as well as power the unit through the MI Shoe. Streaming and Simultaneous recording to 2 x SxS cards is now available. The GPS module that is built-into the camera is now activated as well. 

Sony has been lately constantly updating their PXW line of camcorders including the X160, X180, and the ever so popular PXW-FS7. All these firwmware updates bring new functonality to the camcorder line expanding the creative possibilities for users and allowing them to save time on set and in post-production. 

See more details about the new PXW-X200 firmware update below. 

The latest firmware update v1.20 will activate:

  • 1. Simultaneous Recording in 2 slots.  Simultaneous recording using 2 SxS slots is supported.

The function can be turned on/off in > “Simul Rec” in the CAMERA SET menu. NOTE: Simultaneous Recording can be used only with the following formats while in exFAT/HD mode: XAVC-I XAVC-L50 XAVC-L35 XAVC-L25. When using Simultaneous Recording, use memory cards with the same type and size.

Benefits: Safer shooting and faster post-production.  One SxS card can be used for editing and the second for archiving. 

  • 2. Streaming function. The function for streaming a live video of the camcorder via the Internet or a local network has been added.

The function can be turned on/off in “Streaming” > “Setting” of the NETWORK SET menu, and a preset can be selected in “Preset Select.”

Benefits:  Deliver content in real time.  Reduce transport time and budget.  Ideal function for WEB TV and urgent news.

  • 3. Compatible with LTE modem/Wired LAN. Network connection is available by attaching the network module extension adaptor supplied with the optional network adaptor kit CBK-NA1 and the optional 3G/4G/LTE modem to the external device connector.  Also, a USB-RJ45 adaptor supplied with the optional network adaptor kit CBK-NA1 is supported so that the network connection is available using a network cable.

Benefits:  Fluid streaming, better quality and stable connection than with supplied dongle IFU-WLM3 (recommended for remote operations)

  • 4. GPS function  The built-in GPS module can be enabled.  The function can be turned on/off in “GPS” of the OTHERS menu

Benefits: For documentary, events, ENG and corporate shooting the GPS function allows the user to identify the exact place of actions and reduce the editing/production time.  Better organization of post-producton.

  • 5. Multi Interface Shoe (MI-Shoe) activation.  The accessories (as UWP audio receivers with SMAD-P3 optional accessory  or led light HVL-LBPC ) now work with the Multi Interface Shoe.  The microphone compatibility with the Multi Interface Shoe can be used by setting “CH1 EXT Input” and “CH2 EXT Input” to “SHOE MIC” in “Audio Input” of the AUDIO SET menu.

Benefits:  The wireless receiver of the UWP-D Series can be attached to camcorder using the MI shoe adaptor SMAD-P3.  This eliminates the need for connecting cables.  By using the MI shoe adaptor, audio signals can be transmitted from the wireless receiver to PXW-X200.  In addition, the wireless receiver can get power from the camcorder.  The camcorder can control power ON/OFF of Sony LED light HVL-LBPC, unifying power management.


Download firmware V1.20 from the link below:

All new PXW-X200 cameras will be shipped with the latest v1.2 firmware installed, and of course users who already have cameras can update to the latest firmware by following the update procedures on the link above.