SmallHD OS3 Firmware v3.1.2 Update

SmallHD released new OS3 firmware v3.1.2 update for their on-camera monitors for the SmallHD Focus, 500 series, 700 Series, UltraBrights, 1300 Series, 1700 Series, 2400 Series, and 3200 Series monitors. Using the official SmallHD color probe, auto-calibration can be initiated simply by attaching the probe to the monitor via USB and letting the monitor do its thing. Watch the Auto-Calibration How-To Video (this feature is not available for the 701 and 702 Lite monitors) below.

With this free downloadable OS3 firmware update, creating a visual, data-driven exposure tool has never been this customisable. Create up to 10 different IRE ranges, with custom colour assignments, and start using False Colour exactly how you want to.

SmallHD OS3 Overview

Features added in the SmallHD OS3 Firmware v3 .1.2 update

1. Auto-Calibration Utilize official SmallHD colour probe to auto calibrate your monitor. a. Auto Calibration can be canceled at any time b. Auto Calibration shows a progress bar at the top of the display c. Once finished, the user can toggle between the new and old calibration before accepting the new one.

2. Fully Customisable False Colour (Exposure Assist) a. When selecting a exposure assist tool options for a “map1, map2, map3” are now selectable. b. User can create a custom false colour for each map. c. Each map can have up to 10 user defined IRE ranges, and every IRE range's highlight colour can be configured individually. d. User may delete and modify defined IRE ranges and highlight colours at any time.

3. Spot Metering in LUMA Waveform a. Select a location on the on-screen image and see highlighted data for selection. b. Spot Metering box size is customizable.

4. Image Gallery Viewer a. Image files are now displayed in thumbnail form instead of list form. b. The size of the thumbnails can be modified. c. The files can be sorted in either increasing or decreasing order by Name OR Date. d. A new element called “Image Gallery” has been added to settings->capture to allow users to peruse their removable media storage at any time, even when no video signal is present.

5. Adjustable White Point The user can select a non-standard white point for their input space. a. The supported white points are: D65, DCI-P3, 3000K, 5000K, 5600K, 9300K. b. When loading a 3D calibration LUT, the user can now specify the white point the calibration LUT targets separately from the colour space that LUT targets. c. The White Point targeted by Auto Calibration can be configured in the same way.

6. SmallHD FOCUS monitors will now accept 4k30 video input via HDMI

OS3 firmware


1. UI Performance Improvements a. All navigation speed and stability has been improved for all current monitors. b. Touchscreen navigation on FOCUS is more responsive and reliable. c. Joystick Navigation all current monitors is more responsive and reliable. d. The “Studio Mode” brightness adjustment is now selectable via the Backlight menu and is no longer located in the calibration menu settings. e. The toolbar automatically fades away after 5 seconds of inactivity. f. Help messages appear when applying a calibration LUT, to help ensure the feature is being used the optimally. g. Exposure Assist now has an “ignore look” option that disables any active Look tools on the same page as the Exposure Assist tool. If this option is not checked, the exposure assist tool will act on the video data AFTER the LUT has been applied. h. Focus Peaking maximum value intensity range has been increased. i. Waveform • Graticule Legend can be shown on full-width waveform • The number of graticule lines, their color, and their intensity are all adjustable • Spot Meter size & shape is now configurable. j. Headphone and Speaker volume are now two different settings k. Battery Indicator: • Now works with Sony Batteries

OS3 firmware


1. Only two image captures can now be enabled on the monitor simultaneously. If a user attempts to enable a third, the older of the two active tools are automatically turned off. 2. Media Browser shows internal storage although there is no way currently to store images on internal storage. 3. 1703-P3 Production monitors have a colorspace option of DCI-P3 D65 • The Colorspace and White Point have been separated in the system, so this option is no longer valid.