Protech Have a New Shoulder Kit for the Panasonic DVX200

Protech’s ST-7RP200 shoulder mount adaptor package has been designed to work with the latest 4K camera from Panasonic - the AG-DVX200. When used together with the ST-7R, this new shoulder mount adapter allows the camera to work like an ENG-style shoulder mounted camera.

There are numerous key advantages to using a Protech shoulder mount adaptor. It improves the ergonomics and handing of the camera for mobile ENG style shooting  situations. The Panasonic DVX200 features a standard hand held camcorder design, but even in its naked form, any prolonged handheld shooting will cause discomfort for the operator in their hand, wrist and arm. By transforming the camera from handheld to a full-sized shoulder mounted setup, much of the weight and strain is supported by the operators’ shoulder. This reduces fatigue significantly, even for short-form applications.


Not only does the ST-7R provide a comfortable solution for on-the-move shooting, but it also expands the input and output functions of the camera. Power management is also improved via the built-in V-Lock battery plate directly to the back of the ST-7R. V-lock batteries are industry standard and available from multiple manufacturers like Anton Bauer, IDX, SWIT, PAG UK and many others.

In conjunction with the included DC-DVX200 power cable, it’s possible to power the camera using regular V-Lock batteries. In addition to powering the camera, the V-Lock battery also acts as a counterweight, further improving the comfort for shoulder mounted operation.

ST-7RP200_2 ST-7RP200_3

Accessories can also be powered using the two D-Tap outputs, with one of these ports conveniently located on the ST-7R top handle. This allows easy access to power an accessory mounted here, such as a camera top light. The top handle itself is contoured to improve the comfort of carrying the camera off the shoulder.

Accompanying the two D-Tap ports are two 4-pin XLR connectors – one input and one output. The 4-pin XLR output allows larger accessories to be powered, whilst the input means the camera itself can be powered in studio scenarios, bypassing the need for batteries. Lastly, the ST-7R also features an easy access BNC junction terminal.


The main aluminium die-case frame has been designed to be strong, durable, yet lightweight. It’s naturally well balanced, further adding to the ergonomics for shoulder mounted shooting. To ensure a secure fitting, there are two points of contact between the camera and the shoulder mount adaptor. First, an anti-twist 1/4-20 screw attaches to the base of the camera, with the second connection between the top handle of the ST-7R and the top handle of the DVX200. When installed securely, the ST-7R feels like it’s naturally part of the camera.


To ensure quick and convenient transition from tripod to mobile operation, the ST-7R is fully compatible with all standard VCT quick-release tripod plates.

For anyone using the Panasonic DVX200 in a mobile, on-the-move environment, the Protech ST-7R provides the solution for both long-term power and prolonged comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • ENG-style full shoulder mount operation of Panasonic DVX200
  • Improves ergonomics and handling for mobile shooting
  • Aluminium die-cast frame – strong, lightweight and well balanced
  • Multiple contact points ensure the shoulder mount feels part of the camera
  • V-Lock battery mount allows camera to be powered using V-Lock batteries
  • Contoured top handle for comfortable off-shoulder handling
  • Battery acts as a counterweight to reduce operator fatigue
  • Two D-Tap outputs, with one conveniently located on the top handle
  • 4-Pin XLR DC output to power other external accessories
  • For studio operation, power the camera using the separate 4-pin XLR input
  • BNC junction terminal directly part of the shoulder mount frame
  • Fully compatible with VCT quick-release tripod plates

For all your Protech and Panasonic DVX200 needs you can get in touch with our Sales specialists at 0208 977 1222. You can order your Protech ST-7RP200 directly from our website here.