Panasonic Video Tutorials for UX Series Camcorders

Pansonic release new video tutorials for UX series camcorders - AG-UX180 and AG-UX90 - with 4K 20x optical zoom integrated lens. The AG-UX180 is the "UX-series premium model" with professional functions and specifications for high-end users.

The AG-UX90 is the “UX-series standard model” for easy, high-quality 4K/FHD recording. It is equipped with a newly designed compact lens featuring a wide 24.5mm angle*1 and 15x optical zoom. Its Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.), intelligent AF function, and Manual Three Rings are ideal for professional camera work.

Video Tutorials for UX Series Camcorders

Panasonic has produced a series of short video tutorials for UX series camcorders designed to explain the workflow, camera aspects and advanced features of Panasonic 4K (UHD) AG-UX90 and AG-UX180 camcorders featuring the industry's widest angle 24mm, 15x or 20x optical Zoom Lens and 1.0 Type MOS Sensor.

Episode 1. UX Series: Introducing intelligent AF and accurate focus assist
In the first episode will be covered:
• Focus Area
• Custom AF for tracking
• Focus assist

Episode 2. UX Series: Filming 4K Slow motion and Super Slow Motion
The second episode you will enlighten following functions:
• 4K Slow Motion
• Super Slow Motion
• 4K Time Lapse

Episode 3. UX Series: Creating cinematic image
In the third episode you will get to know:
• Cinema Set Up for grading
• Zoom/Aperture for shallow depth of field
• Use focus translation

Episode 4. UX Series: Advanced features for high precision video recording

Episode 5. UX Series: Enabling wireless remote control of the camera
The following topics will be explained:
• Initial set up
• Connect your iOS device
• Review your footage

Panasonic have also released a FREE UX series guide e-book by Barry Green, available to order from Panasonic. This comprehensive reference guide for the Panasonic AG-UX90 and AG-UX180 camcorders. The UX Series book is an interactive digital book examining all the camera's features, settings and modes, as well as tutorials on some of the most common situations users face.

Book Summary:
The book demystifies what all the UX Series features do, as well as explaining when and why you'd want to use each setting for the best results. Tutorials and essays teach a range of subjects from the simple to the advanced. The 269-page, full-color book is jam-packed with photos, screenshots and video examples of menu functions.