New Ikan Onyx and Mylo Mini LED Lights

Ikan introduced new additions to their on camera LED lights line with Ikan Onyx and Mylo Mini. The Onyx is a 120 Bi-Colour on camera light designed and built for professional photographers, videographers, and cinematographers in need of high quality LEDs lighting at affordable pricing. Fitted with 15W high quality LED, the OYB120 provides high brightness and sharp clarity for pictures.

Durable and lightweight, the Ikan Onyx is constructed out of aluminium which maximises heat dissipation resulting in excellent ventilation.

Ikan Onyx and Mylo Mini

Features a small LED display and accurate control over brightness from 10-99%. The light is available in two sizes; OYB120 (Onyx 15W Bi-Colour 3200K-5600K Aluminum On-Camera LED Light) and OYB240 (Onyx 30W Bi-Colour 3200K-5600K Aluminum On-Camera LED Light). The Onyx light comes with a battery -Sony NP-F L series batteries-, battery charger, and hot shoe mount.

Ikan Onyx Bi-Colour Features:
• Durable lightweight aluminium frame
• Two Sizes: OYB120 and OYB240
• Bi-colour adjustable from 3200K-5600K
• LED Display
• Battery Type: Sony “L” Series Style DV Battery
• Build Material: Aluminium
• Colour: Graphite
• Dimming: 10-99%
• Fixture Size: 5.6 x 3.7 x 0.75 in.
• Fixture Weight: 0.5 lbs

“With its sleek portable design, the Onyx gives professionals a great on camera LED light at an affordable price,” says Barry Garcia, Product Manager.

Ikan Onyx and Mylo Mini

The other additions to the Ikan LED light family are the Ikan Mylo Mini (MB4) and the Mylo Soft (MSB8) lights. The Mylo Mini has high CRI LEDs (95+ CRI) with bi-colour adjustment ranging from 3200K-5600K. The brightness of the light is consistent across all colour temperatures.

Ikan MYLO Mini LED MB4 Features
• 95+ CRI LEDs
• Bi-Colour adjustable from 3200K-5600K
• Beam Angle of 50 degrees
• Single knob control for adjusting colour, brightness
• New LED readout screen giving you precise adjustments
• Battery powered with Sony “L” series style batteries
• Watts equivalent to 300 watts incandescent light

The 50 degrees beam angle makes it possible to light large areas with a single fixture.

With the Mylo Soft LED lights, users have the option of using 2 x Sony NP-F batteries on the back. Also  bi-colour adjustable from 3200K-5600K, this light is perfect for a sit-down interview setting. In addition, they have high CRI chip LEDs paired with a 1/2 stop soft diffusion panel and barn doors.

Both the Mylo Mini Bi-Colour and Mylo Soft LED lights have a large yellow knob on the back, allowing you to control the light with a few simple clicks. In addition, the LED readout gives you the ability to see and make precise measurements.

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