New ARRI Alexa MINI Cage & Full Production Rig and Accessories from ActionProducts

Swiss-based film & TV equipment manufacturer ActionProducts just released their latest Alexa MINI accessories. Similar to their modular line-up of accessories for RED Epic/Scarlet, ActionProducts equips the Alexa Mini with everything you can dream of to configure them for everything from an A-Camera package to hand-held, rig, stabilized, gimbal or wireless operation. 


You can basically build your own kit depending on your needs, from a low-profile cage kit, to a full production hand-help kit with handles, clamp-on adapters, QR plate, top handle, viewfinder single knob arm bracket and more.


FDtimes ran an article recently on the new ActionProducts lineup for the Alexa MINI. The cage based configuration above includes: Clamp-on Adapters, top handle, single-knob viewfinder bracket, 15mm lightweight rod holders, cheese plates, hand grip rosette mounting points, and riser plate.

ActionProducts also provide a dovetail and quick release baseplate for the Alexa MINI. The dovetail has a two-stage lock. Users can slide it onto ARRI-style sliding dovetail bases, or snap on/off with its quick release mechanism — and it accepts studio 19 mm and industry standard 15 mm supports.



ActionProducts’ Accessories for the Alexa MINI include additional modules providing video output distribution, mount for Paralinx video transmitter, battery mounts, and power distribution. Video distribution is a paramount requirement for most higher budget multi-cam production, and the new accessories from ActionProducts offer signficant flexibility to productions.


ActionProducts Electra Module for power distribution includes: 2x D-tap, 2x Lemo, 3-pin RS Fischer. Built-in Puffer Battery to give the Alexa Mini a “puff” of hot-swap power for 4-minutes while you change batteries. V-mount and Gold mount modules attach to the Electra.

Here's is a combined view with the HD-SDI video distribution module and the Electra power module.


The exploded view below gives a better view of the whole production rig and its components. To get pricing and availability get in touch with our ARRI Specialists at 0208 977 1222 during business hours Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm.

ARRIRenderModulesAPLOGO (1)

While some DPs and productions will use the Alexa MINI as mainly a B or C-camera to their Alexas, and/or fly them on gimbal stabilisers or drones, the fact that one can actually use the Alexa MINI as a standalone camera in the field is a major plus. The Alexa MINI is gearing up to be an extremely popular rental item as well, and more and more rental houses are looking to expand their fleet with more versatility on the rigging side as well. ActionProducts have a strong presence in the field and offers very high quality products at reasonable prices.