Lytro Debuts 755 MP Light Field Cinema Camera Aiming to Change The Way We Make Films Forever

Lytro debuted their latest invention - a revolutionary Light Field Cinema Camera that looks like a giant laser gun from a Sci-fi movie rather than a conventional camera, in front of an ecstatic packed house at NAB 2016.

Lytro have been making light field stills cameras for a few years on a more consumer level, but recently the company shifted direction completely and now shocked crowds at NAB with their latest demo short film "Life" captured with their revolutionary technology that has the potential to fundamentally change the way movies are shot.


Lytro boasts ultimate creative freedom and also seeks to eliminate the need for Green Screen capture as their Lytro Cinema Camera does just about everything we are acustomed to in a conventional camera very differently. The Cinema Camera from Lytro uses light field technology to capture all objects and light in a particular from every possible angle thus creating a complete 3D environment down to the pixel level.

This allows for depth of field changes, focus changes, background or foreground replacements in post-production without having to resort to actually making those decisions on set.

Lytro Cinema is the first system able to produce a Light Field Master by capturing and processing the entire high resolution Light Field. This enables multiple deliverables into just about every format imaginable today including IMAX, RealD, Dolby Vision, ACES and HFR.

The Lytro Cinema camera is expected to be used on major Hollywood productions soon and although it won't be cheap and start as a rental-only item the possibilities it offers are truly revolutionary. We're excited to see where this technology will go in the near future.

To learn more about the camera head over to Lytro.