Litepanels Expands ASTRA 1×1 Family of LED lights with New EP and E Series LED Panels

Litepanels have been creating industry leading LED panels for almost a decade now, and with the recent introduction of the powerful and bi-colour Astra 1x1 original panel, it quickly became a permanent fixture in cameraman's lighting kits for interview lighting, documentary, corporate work and everything in between.

The new ASTRA family expands to now include the mid-range EP 1x1 and the lower output, entry-level but more budget friendly E series panels.

The ground-breaking ASTRA 1X1 Series line-up has expanded to include the ASTRA 1×1 EP series, the ASTRA 1×1 E series, plus two additional models in the ASTRA 1×1 series, which debuted last year. The EP series have the equivalent output of a 300W HMI and have a maximum power draw of only 56 Watts. The entry level E-series also feature a daylight only options, as well as bi-colour one, and have a comparative output to a 200W HMI fixture.

The response the filmmaking community had to the launch of the ASTRA 1×1 Bi-Colour panel last year exceeded our expectations,” said Alan Ipakchian, Product Marketing Manager for Litepanels. “The time, effort, research and development of the ASTRA has produced a panel that once again revolutionizes the use of LED fixtures for the creation of professional content. We’ve created expansions to the line that offer a variety of intensity levels and price points, making the ASTRA available to everyone. Whatever your requirement, Litepanels has the perfect fixture to fit your needs and budget. And with the modular approach we’ve taken, your gear, accessories and lighting style can grow with you.”

All of the ASTRA panels are designed with select premium quality surface mount LEDs that are paired with custom designed TIR (total internal reflection) optics. Both the new 1×1 EP and 1×1 E series offer a Bi-Colour fixture, allowing users to adjust colour from daylight to tungsten as needed. An internal microprocessor monitors the temperature and delivers smooth dimming from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable colour shift, as well as ensuring a completely flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle.

The new ASTRA series employ a modern, modular design. The manual controls are ergonomically designed to allow for ease of use in the field, ensuring easy identification and manipulation of dimming controls, colour controls, and power status. The panels are all produced with aluminium I-beam core construction to provide maximum durability and superior thermal management, and also feature strong, integrated aluminium accessory mounting points and lens/filter rails.

All ASTRA fixtures offer an extensive list of features, including a curved yoke design with a wide tilt range, dual integrated cable guides, and a combination yoke mounted power supply with a 3-pin XLR locking power connector and optional Gold Mount® or V-Mount battery plates. The yoke also features a removable TVMP connector and additional ¼-20 mounting points.

At Litepanels, we’re always striving to deliver to filmmakers,” noted Ipakchian. “With the introduction of the new ASTRAs, Litepanels is now bringing the most advanced LED technology to content creators in all segments of the industry. Once people get their hands on these fixtures – which are sturdy, high-output fixtures packaged in a lightweight, flexible form factor – they’re not going to want to light without them.”

The ASTRA 1×1, ASTRA 1×1 EP and ASTRA 1×1 E series have taken the place of Litepanels’ original 1×1 panels, introduced almost a decade ago, and are now available with us at Visual Impact. For all your Litepanels needs give us a call at 0208 977 1222 Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm.

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