JVC ProHD Free Firmware Upgrade Adds Variable Adaptive Bitrate and RTMP Streaming Protocol to Popular ENG Camera GY-HM650

JVC has announced free firmware upgrades for its live streaming ProHD cameras - the very popular for ENG work handheld GY-HM650, the shoulder mount GY-HM850 and the shoulder/studio GY-HM890.

The new software includes adaptive bit rate technology for more reliable streaming, support for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to allow a direct connection to a number of content distribution networks (CDNs) for live streaming, and a high quality 12 Mbps mode. The new features are included in Version 4.0 for the GY-HM650 and Version 2.0 for GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 ProHD streaming camcorders.

jvc hm650

As proven by many companies already, JVC cameras are a very reliable way to produce live HD reports on location when paired with a 3G/4G modem. However, the internet is often accessed through shared networks, which can be unpredictable. Adaptive bit rate streaming technology dynamically adjusts the quality of a video stream based on available bandwidth. The new feature is designed to maintain a live video feed from the field at reduced data rate and optimise quality based on available bandwidth.

“For many of our news customers who rely on ProHD cameras to deliver news reports from the field, live signals are essential for broadcast,” explained John Kelly, General Manager, JVC professional products. “When there are changes in bandwidth due to increased web activity or fluctuating signal strength, adaptive bit rate technology can automatically adjust the quality of the video to maximise the available bandwidth. Meanwhile, our cameras can continue to record footage to SDHC or SXHC cards in full resolution for archive.”

The GY-HM650 performs live transmission (streaming) while recording to memory cards. Zixi advanced streaming is built-in and provides forward error correction, automatic repeat request, and adaptive bitrate control. Stream directly to USTREAM or YouTube with RTMP protocol. Transmission at selected resolutions, bitrates and formats is possible independent of the recording mode. Stream 1920 x 1080 (3, 5 or 12 Mpbs), 1280 x 720 (1.5 or 3Mbps) or 480i (0.8, 0.2 Mbps).

GY-HM650 Features

  • 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080 x 3)
  • F11 Sensitivity
  • 23x Fujinon Auto focus zoom lens with manual functions F1.6-3.0, 23x, f=4.1-94.3mm (35mm conversion:29 to 667mm)
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • 3 position ND filter (1/4, 1/16, 1/64)
  • 0.45-inch 1.22M pixel color viewfinder
  • 3.5-inch 920K pixel LCD display with focus assist
  • SDXC/SDHC memory card recording(2 slots for dual-backup, continuous recording)
  • Large file size support with SDXC card
  • 50Mbps H.264 Extreme High Quality mode (XHQ)
  • Dual Codec: Recording simultaneously HD + SD or HD + 480 x 270 (for Web delivery)
  • Live streaming w/advanced Zixi error correction and adaptive bitrate control —Upgraded with Version 4.0!
  • RTMP protocol lets you stream directly to USTREAM, YouTube —New 4.0 feature!
  • High bitrate streaming (up to 12 Mbps) —New with Version 4.0!
  • Background FTP clip transfers while recording
  • Clip trimmer (basic editor)
  • Multiple encoding formats:
    • HD MPEG2 (35/25/19Mbps)
    • AVCHD 1920x1080 60i
    • 1080/60p recording capability
    • SD H.264
    • 480x270 H.264 (web)
    • 960x540 H.264 mode
  • Wide media format compatibility:
    • .MXF with rich Metadata (optimized for asset management)
    • .MOV (Final Cut Pro)
    • .MP4 (XDCAM EX™)
    • AVCHD with additional lower bitrate AVCHD modes
  • Professional switch layout and comprehensive video settings
  • Pre Rec (retro) mode (20 sec.)
  • Interval (time lapse) recording
  • Built-in stereo microphone
  • 2-channel balanced audio inputs (mic/line switchable) w/phantom power supply
  • HD/SD-SDI, HDMI Outputs
  • Wired remote control connector (LANC/Control-L)
  • Built-in GPS
  • Enhanced web interface for remote viewing of camera images & wireless remote control from a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Compatible with ProHD Broadcaster and Cloud server
  • Extensive metadata recording capability. Even allows insertion of metadata from remote web client!
  • FTP file upload via WiFi or Broadband
  • Secure FTP (SFTP or FTPS)
  • High performance 2D DNR

The GY-HM650, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 already feature JVC’s Advanced Streaming Technology (AST) with support for secure FTP and a number of other protocols. RTMP support allows easy CDN connectivity.

In addition to this free firmware update, JVC are also offering a 2 year 0% financing on the fibre based studio GY-HM890, which is a great opportunities for studios of all sizes to get on board and save a lot of money on upgrading their equipment.


JVC recently announced a partnership with Ustream, the world’s live video platform leader, which allows easy input and storage of up to four Ustream credentials in JVC cameras. As a result, a live webcast can be initiated with by pressing a single button on the camera.

The support of RTMP protocol is a significant upgrade for JVC’s ProHD cameras, because it allows customers to connect directly to Ustream, YouTube and other content distribution networks without a computer or video infrastructure.

For streaming within closed networks, a 12 Mbps mode provides near-contribution quality images. The mode is ideal when multiple cameras are streamed to a switcher in a live broadcast environment, such as a sporting event, resulting in a highly reliable broadcast quality wireless production system.


Support for RTMP protocol and adaptive bit rate technology is included in the new 4K Super 35 CMOS GY-LS300 and GY-HM200 4KCAM camcorders, showcased at the recent NAB show. Version 4.0 and Version 2.0 upgrades will be free to all current GY-HM650 and GY-HM850/890 owners respectively, and are available in June via a firmware update available through the JVC support web site.