Collection of New Footage from the Upcoming Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K Camera

As the world awaits the arrival of the much anticipated Blackmagic camera, we decided to put together a collection of the latest 4K footage from the upcoming Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K camera that has been out for testing with beta-testers all around the world.


The URSA Mini is a lightweight miniaturized version of the original URSA and features a brand new 4.6K Super35 CMOS sensor with global shutter (as well as an option for rolling shutter, switchable by the user) producing a massively impressive 15 stops of dynamic range. The more compact and lightweight design allows for better balance when using the camera as an ENG style camera mounted to the shoulder.

With various recording resolutions from 4.6K to 3K and 2K, with an option for anamorphic shooting and the incredible Blackmagic Design compressed Raw on board C-Fast 2.0 cards plus Apple ProRes codec flavours, the URSA Mini 4.6K boast some serious specs that gives more expensive rivals a run for their money. For now on paper at least.


While the URSA Mini 4K (with the V2 original sensor) has been shipping for a few good weeks now, the new 4.6k sensor is still being worked on by the team at Blackmagic Design, and while we await the final production version of the camera, we decided to put together some of the best clips shot with beta-versions of the camera from beta-testers from around the world. Check them out below.

"Just My Luck" by Daniel Peters

Just my Luck from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

"Mötley Crüe 12.28.2015 Live concert footage" by Bobby Hewitt

Mötley Crüe 12.28.2015 (URSA MINI 4.6K beta) from Bobby Hewitt on Vimeo.

"URSA MINI 4.6K FOOTAGE" by Noam Kroll

URSA MINI 4.6K FOOTAGE from Noam Kroll on Vimeo.

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