Atomos Shogun Firmware Update 6.21 Released

We've been delivering the Atomos Shogun to professional cameramen and entusiasts alike for the past few months in droves, as it has proven quite popular month the GH4A7s crowed and FS700 and FS7 users as of lately. The Shogun is really the perfect companion to the Panasonic GH4, which already shoots 4K internally on SDXC cards, however for those wanting to upgrade their footage to a 10bit 422 chroma sampling – the Atomos Shogun will provide such recording capabilities via HDMI.

The Sony A7s with its full frame super-sensitive sensor can currently record 1080p internally, however the Shogun can unlock the true potential of this phenomenal camera giving it the 4K (UHD) treatment. The Australian gear maker recently announced their firmware update schedule for the Shogun and today AtomOS 6.21 firmware is available to download. The company advises Shogun owners to update to 6.21 firmware immediately as it fixes some bugs that were found in 6.2. See details below.

Atomos Shogun 6.21 Firmware Update Release Notes

This release replaces 6.2

Important: all 6.2 users must upgrade to 6.21 immediately.

Occasional corrupted frames are recorded due to out of spec memory chips on the latest production run. This only affects a small percentage, but all 6.2 users must upgrade to 6.21 to fix this issue.

See "Special upgrade notice" below.

Features in AtomOS 6.21 from 6.11:

* New feature! Added ability to load 3D LUTs. Load Cube files on SSD (refer Shogun FAQ for file compatibility details) and access via the 
new Display Options button on the home screen.
* New feature! Record and play back using Avid DNxHD (HD) and DNxHR (4K)*.
* New feature! Downscale 4K input to 1080p (matching frame rate) on the loop out port. Access the setting via the input menu page.
* New feature! Playback now displays a preview frame of the selected clip in the file browser.
* Separate analog gain settings for left and right channels now available via the new audio options page. Enable Mic +48V to use Shotgun and Lavalier Mics 
that require Phantom Power to operate.
* Larger audio meters for easier visibility of ballistic levels.

Bug Fixes:

- Corrected direction of manual gamma setting.
- Improved drive compatibility.
- Take number is correctly reset after disk format.

*DNxHR requires AVID Media Composer 8.3.1 or later.

Special Upgrade notice for 6.2 users:

Some units may require a hard reset of the boot firmware

Reset Boot Firmware procedure is:

1. Ensure your Atomos recorder is powered down (Hold power button for 4 seconds)
2. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds approximately
3. You will see the "Firmware Update Failed" screen
4. Insert your HDD / SSD
5. After a few seconds the firmware update should start to run
6. You will see a progress bar. *Do not power off the Recorder whilst this is shown as you can permanently corrupt your Recorder
7. Once complete the Atomos recorder will power down.
Download the 6.21 firmware update from Atomos here.


At Visual Impact our specialists are available to assist you with your Atomos Shogun and all camera requirements so give us a buzz at 0208 977 1222.

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