Atomos Release Firmware 7.1 for Flame Series Monitors

Atomos just released firmware 7.1 or AtomOS 7.1 for their latest Flame Series HDR Monitors/Recorders - namely the Atomos Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame. The latest firmware update adds HDR support for JVC Log and all current RED Digital Cinema cameras including DSMC 2 camera bodies like the Red Raven and Red Scarlet-W.

Atomos OS 7.1 Flame Series Firmware Update

AtomOS 7.1 Update Details:

  • Added HDR support for LOG video from JVC and Red cameras.
  • Improved accuracy for the color gamut.
  • PQ input can now be selected for AtomHDR monitoring and grading from NLE's with ST2084 output.
  • PQ output has been added for playout to HDR monitors and televisions.
  • Improvements to accuracy and resolution in blacks when using AtomHDR mode.
  • A visual improvement has been made to the AtomHDR slider for easier access.
  • While in AtomHDR mode, a simplified HDR waveform line has been added to easily set the correct slider position for the dynamic range of the scene.
  • New options for AtomHDR include WFM Auto which automatically setting the HDR level for the current scene's max brightness and WFM HDR which scales the WFM to view the HDR range to the full height of the WFM.
  • The waveform monitor will now display a percentage scale based on the input log mode.
  • Slow motion is now available in playback mode. Pausing video playback will automatically display the slider above playback controls and give you access to forward and reverse speed adjustments.
  • From the Battery page, there is now the option to manually override battery selection. This is designed to be used for the Atomos Power Station or other external power solutions.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue where some files exported from NLE's did not play audio. - Fixed an issue where waveform monitor graticules were not visible with some menus on the screen.

Atomos Flame 7.1 Firmware Update from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

Atomos Flame monitors owners can download AtomOS 7.1 from Atomos here.  Alternatively you can get your Atomos Shogun Flame or Ninja Flame directly from our website here with free delivery in the UK. (Valid only for web orders).