ALEXA Mini Behind The Scenes on "The Focus" Promo

Designed as a direct response to the need for smaller form factor camera with the same industry standard image quality as in the bigger Alexas, the ARRI Alexa MINI is bound to bridge the gap for multicam productions where the main unit has to resort to 3rd party cameras like RED's or Canon C300's for shots requiring 3-axis stabilisers or drones. When we saw the Alexa MINI for the first time at this year's BVE 2015 we immediately fell in love with it as we recognized the potential it had not only as B-cam to an Alexa XT or Classic, but also as a standalone camera capable of getting exceptional shots which may not be possible with its bigger brethren.

We've already taken quite a few pre-orders for the tiniest of ARRI cameras so far for some leading rental houses and production companies in the UK eager to get their hands on this unique camera. And even though we are yet to see those shipping out, ARRI has been providing some footage from the camera.


Recently, Austrian filmmaker Adi Geisegger, took the Alexa Mini and shot "The Focus" - a short piece demonstrating boundless possibilities for floor exercise performances as an athlete tries to explain by his moves what's going on his mind before a competition. For some of the shots, he used Movi 3-axis stabilisers to capture some very smooth motion shots. Check it out below.

"The Focus" Shot on the ARRI Alexa MINI

Kit list used on the shoot: Camera: Arri Alexa Mini Lenses: Zeiss Ultra Primes 8mm, 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, 65mm + Compact Primes Superspeed in 35mm, 50mm, 85mm Stabilisation: Freefly M15 / Freefly Tero with Movi M10 3-Axis Stabiliser Follow Focus: ARRI WCU-1


The behind the scenes clip below provides additional insight into the capabilities of the new Alexa MINI and how it can benefit your productions.

Alexa MINI Behind The Scenes on "The Focus" Promo

To see more of Adi Geisegger's work follow him on Vimeo here, and check out this amazing piece he shot on the ARRI Alexa.

A Dream from Adi Geisegger on Vimeo.