7 Things to Know About Firmware 7.01 for the Sony PMW-F55

The Sony 4K Creators YouTube channel put together a very handy video on the top 7 things you need to know about the latest firmware version 7.01 on the Sony PMW-F55 camera. The latest firmware for the F5/F55 CineAlta cameras includes some highly anticipated features such as Quick Menu, improved Zebras, new simultaneous recording mode and BT.2020 colour space support on the PMW-F55.

For those of you who are yet not familiar with Firmware version 7.01, the short video below will get you the 7 things you need to know about it:

In Summary:

  • Tip #1: Quick Menu in the side user interface screen: Available when hitting the OPTION button, Quick Menu gives users quick access to vital parameters such as Project Settings including colour space selection, monitoring, MLUTs and more.
  • Tip #2: MPEG2 50Mb/s 422 proxies now go up to 60 fps 
  • Tip #3: Rec. 2020 in Custom Mode. Now PMW-F55 users can future proof their images for the new UHD TV standard.
  • Tip #4: Extended Zebras from 0 to 109%
  • Tip #5: Improved User Gamma Output in Custom 
  • Tip #6: Menus now load much faster - small change, but goes a long way on a shoot.
  • Tip #7: iOS Device users: FYI, when you use your iOS devices to control the F55 via wi-fi , remember to turn off Private mode.
Sony F5 F55

For a more detailed write-up on the details of Firmware Version 7.01 check out our blog post we did a while back here.

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