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Atomos Ninja Video Hard Disk Recorder
Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRe

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  • ATOMOS AO-ATOMNJA001, Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRe Picture
  • ATOMOS AO-ATOMNJA001, Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRe Picture
  • ATOMOS AO-ATOMNJA001, Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRe Picture
  • ATOMOS AO-ATOMNJA001, Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRe Picture


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The Atomos Ninja Video Recorder provides top quality recording but also features monitoring functions that help assess exposure, focus and calibration. Also available are intuitive signal detection and file management tools. All tasks are performed in an advanced yet simple touchscreen operating environment. Recording is at 10-bit, 4:2:2 quality in Apple ProRes directly onto HDD or SSD drives.

Designed compact and robust, and affording a workflow beyond just capture and output, Ninja can serve companion-like on and off the set. Also noteworthy is the Atomos history. Atomos recorders were used, for example, in James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge.

Atomos Ninja 10-bit HDMI ProRes Recorder (Kit including carry case) AtomOS 2.x only

Adam Phillips's question:
I have heard that the Ninja will not work with Canon's DSLR range due to the non clean HDMI output. Do you know if it will work with Nikon D7000?
Visual Impact Reply:

We have seen this issue on all of the Canon DSLR cameras and on DSLR cameras from most other manufacturers. The only DSLR-type camera that we know does not do this is the Panasonic Lumix GH2, which does have a clean output in certain modes. Some users, particularly in Europe, are reporting great results with the GH2. (3:2 Pulldown removal is required to recover 24p footage whereas 50i and 60i modes are beautiful and ready to use).

You may have to crop your images to remove viewfinder information that appears in the HDMI output.

Your camera may reduce the resolution of your HDMI images by cropping or resizing it without proper filtering to remove aliasing, resulting in unpleasant jagged diagonal edges.

PLEASE test the output from your camera by plugging the HDMI lead into a monitor and watching in “LiveView” or “Record” mode.

Do NOT do this test in the camera’s “Play” mode, you will be watching footage that has been already compressed and stored on internal camera media.

The Ninja can only record the signal it is given. It is ready to record clean video from any DSLR that supplies it.

information can be found here
Sinead's question:
Will the ninja work with Sony z1 camera?
Visual Impact Reply:
The Sony Z1 is not on the list of compatible cameras for the Atomos Ninja.
Tom Lebert's question:
Will the ninja work with a Sony HVR V1E
Visual Impact Reply:
No, the Atomos Ninja is not compatible with a Sony HVR V1E.
Here is a link to the list of cameras that are compatible with the Atomos collection:
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