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Sony PXW-FS5K 4K Camcorder


For shoots where quality is everything, revel in the FS5's Super 35 Exmor sensor and capture at 100Mbps 4K
  • 4K Super35 "Exmor" Sensor
  • Shoot 100Mbps 4K with XAVC codec
  • High frame rates up to 240fps
  • Dual SD Media card slots
  • LAN port for live streaming
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In a nutshell
Announced at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, the Sony PXW-FS5 packs a lot of punch for its small, compact size. For shoots where quality is everything, revel in the FS5’s Super 35 Exmor sensor and capture at 100 Mbps 4K (3840x2160 pixels) with Sony’s advanced XAVC long GOP recording system.

There’s also the option to switch to full HD (1920x1080 pixels) recording at up to 60p XAVC 10bit 4:2:2 50mbps. The 8-second cache-recording eradicates mistimed shots, which would have caused extra takes, as well as allowing users to pick out footage at the exact time required.

11.6 million total pixels and 8.8 million effective pixels deliver hugely impressive 4K resolution. But even when capturing in HD, you’ll get the sort of detail and image texture that other HD sensors simply cannot match.

In the hands
In terms of portability, the Sony PXW-FS5 really does excel, with its small, compact frame weighing in at only 0.8KG. The lightweight nature of the PXW-FS5 means it can shoot in any situation, whether that’s tricky, tight and hard to reach places or wide-open plains. This model gives you ultimate mobility. Sony’s FS5 should sit comfortably against your chest supported by your right hand, with all the controls at your fingertips. The chassis is superbly balanced making it easy to shoot from high to low angles.

All the key functions have been placed at your fingertips, from the electronic zoom lever through to assignable dials. It’s evident from the considered ergonomic design that some serious planning has gone into the architecture of the Sony PXW FS5. The smart grip is located as close to the centre of gravity as possible to avoid camera roll and the smart grip angle can conveniently be adjusted with one press and turn. Shooting parameters can be changed quickly without having to take your eyes off the screen thanks to direct menu options displayed on-screen.

The FS5 has the option to add or remove components like the grip and LCD viewfinder quickly, without the aid of special tools. The LCD viewfinder can conveniently be mounted in no less than 9 locations. The Sony FS5 has standard 1/4-inch screw holes located on the handle, top and bottom of the body, to support mounting a drone, gimbal or an underwater camera. For a tripod mount, there’s both 1/4 and 3/8-inch screw holes on the bottom.

Ideal for
The Sony PXW-FS5 is a radical new design, which really comes to the fore in the most demanding conditions. Lightweight but tough, the magnesium chassis ensures high rigidity and also includes an advanced cooling system.

The PXW-FS5 offers 4K internal recording, super slow-motion and with its small form factor, it’s perfect for videographers working in weddings, events, corporate, documentary and just about any video production requiring high mobility and flexibility. Utilising affordable SDXC recording media and BP-U style batteries, with the versatility of the Sony E-mount lens system, the PXW-FS5 is the perfect tool for budget shooters who are looking to future-proof their productions, or those looking for the ultimate grab and go camera solution.

Key Features you need to know about
The Sony SF5 is the world’s first Super 35mm camcorder with built-in electronic variable ND filters, increasing depth of field capability. Setting it aside from models with conventional optical ND filters, the electronic filters can be controlled from 1/4 ND to 1/128 ND. Without needing to change filters in variable light conditions, the Sony SF5 is ideal for fast moving shoots.

The baby brother to the PXW-FS7, the Sony FS5 shares the same Super 35 CMOS sensor with an astonishing 14 stops of exposure latitude. This also provides superb grayscale rendition without crushing shadow detail or blowing out highlight detail.

The Sony FS5 is networked for maximum mobility. Live streaming is available from any event via Wi-Fi or built-in wired LAN. You can control the camcorder from your smartphone or tablet, and built-in NFC provides one-touch authentication with other appropriate devices.

The Sony PXW-FS5 offers the highly flexible Sony Alpha mount system. The E-mount system provides unrivalled compatibility with Sony lenses and a range of third party lenses. With a third party adapter, the E-mount system can also take cinema and SLR lenses, along with Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses.

Sony PXW-FS5 Highlights
  • 4K Super 35 CMOS sensor
  • 14 stops dynamic range
  • Full HD 10bit 422 recording up to 60fps continuous and 240fps slow-motion in 8 seconds burst
  • 1/128 built-in variable electronic neutral density filters
  • Exceptional sensitivity
  • Sony E-mount – wide range of other lenses available via adapter
  • A-mount flexibility
  • Dual SD media card slots for relay or backup recording
  • Wi-Fi and NFC built-in
  • LAN port for live streaming
  • Ultimate mobility
  • Adaptable design
  • Lightweight, robust, handheld design
  • Clear image zoom
  • Centre scan mode
  • Accurate OLED viewfinder





MassApprox. 830g (Body only)
Approx. 1lb 13.2 ox (Body only)
Approx. 2.2kg (with SELP18105G and lens hood [optional], battery pack BP-U30, large eyecup, LCD viewfinder, handle, grip w/o gripbelt)
Approx. 4lb 14.5 oz (with SELP18105G and lens hood [optional], battery pack BP-U30, large eyecup, LCD viewfinder, handle grip w/o gripbelt)
Dimensions (W x H x D)*Approx. 111.3 x 128.7 x 172.4mm (Body only including the projecting parts)
Approx. 185.2 x 218.3 x 369.5mm (with SELP18105G and lens hood [optional], large eyecup, LCD viewfinddere, handle, grip w/o gripbelt and including the projecting parts)
Approx. 4 1/2 c 5 1/8 x 6 7/8 inches (Body only including the projecting parts)
Approx. 7 3/8 x 8 5/8 x 14 5/8 inches (with SELP18105G and lens hood [optional], large eyecup, LCD viewfinder, handle, grip w/o gripbelt and includind the projecting parts)
Power RequirementsDC 14.4V (battery pack)
DC 12.0V (AC adaptor)
Power ConsumptionApprox. 11.8W [60i]
approx. 11.5W [50i]
(while recording with LCD Off, EVF On when the external device connector is not used)

Approx. 12.6W [60i]
Approx. 12.3W [50i]
(while recording with LCD On, EVF On when the external device connector is used)
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C
32°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature-20°C to +60°C
-4°F to +140°F
Battery Operating TimeWith battery pack BP-U(0: approx. 6 hours, 40 minutes [60i]
approx. 6 hours, 45 minutes [50i]
(while recording with LCD On, EVF Off when the external device connector is not used.)

With battery pack BP-U60: approx. 4 hours, 15 minutes [60i]
approx. 4 hours, 20 minutes [50i]
(White recording with LCD On, EVF Off when the external device connector is not used)

With battery pack BP-U30: approx. 2 hours, 10 minutes [60i]
approx. 2 hours, 10 minutes [50i]
(While recording with LCD On, EVF Off when the external device connector is not used.)
Recording Format (Video)XAVC QFHD: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 4:2:0 Long profile
XAVC HD: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 4:2:2 Long profile
AVCHD: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD 2.0 format compatible
Recording Format (Audio)XAVC : Linear PCM 2ch, 24bit, 48kHz
AVCHD : Linear PCM 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz / Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
Recording Frame RateXAVC QFHD (3840 x 2160) @29.97p, 25p, 23.98p 100Mbps/60Mbps
XAVC HD (1920 x 1080) @59.94p, 50p, 50Mbps/35Mbps
XAVC HD (1920 x 1080)@59.94i, 50i, 50Mbps/35Mbps/25Mbps
XAVC HD (1920 x 1080)@29.97p, 25p, 23.98p, 50Mbps/35Mbps
XAVC HD (1280 x 720)@59.94p, 50p, 50Mbps
AVCHD (1920 x 1080)@59.94p, 50p, PS mode(28Mbps)

AVCHD (1920 x 1080) @59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23.98p,
FX mode (24Mbps)
FH mode(17Mbps)

AVCHD (1280 x 720)@59.94p, 50p,
FX mode(24Mbps)
FH mode(17Mbps)
HQ mode(9Mbps)
Recording/Playback TimeXAVC-L QFHD 100 mode
Approx. 65 min with 64 GB memory card

XAVC-L QFHD 60 mode
Approx. 100 min with 64 GB memory card

XAVC-L HD 50 mode
Approx. 120 min with 64 GB memory card

XAVC-L HD 35 mode
Approx. 170 min with 64 GB memory card

XAVC-L HD 25 mode
Approx. 220 min with 64 GB memory card
Recording/Playback TimeAVCHD@LPCM 2ch PS Mode
Approx. 290 min with 64 GB memory card
Approx. 145 min with 32 GB memory card

Approx. 340 min with 64 GB memory card
Approx. 170 min with 32 GB memory card

Approx. 450 min with 64 GB memory card
Approx. 225 min with 32 GB memory card

Approx. 590 min with 64 GB memory card
Approx. 290 min with 32 GB memory card

Lens MountE-mount

Imaging Device (Type)"Exmor" Super35 CMOS Sensor
Effective Picture Elements3840 (H) x 2160 (V)
Built-in Optical FiltersND filters
1: 1/4ND
2: 1/16ND
3: 1/64ND
Linear variable ND (1/4ND to 1/128ND)
ISO SensitivityS-Log2/S-log3 Gamma ISO3200
Minimum Illumination0.16Lux [60i] (IRIS F1.4, GAIN Auto, Shutter Speed 1/24)
0.18Lux [50i] (IRIS F1.4, GAIN Auto, Shutter Speed 1/25)
Horizontal Rezolution1000 TV lines or more (1920 x 1080i mode)
Shutter Speed1/8 to 1/10000 sec. (60i)
1/6 to 1/10000 sec. (50i/24p)
Slow & Quick Motion Function[30p]:2160p: Frame rate selectable fps

[25p]:2160p: Frame rate selectable fps

[60i]:1080p: Frame rate selectable,60 fps

[50i]: 1080p: Frame rate selectable,50 fps
Super Slow Motion Function[60i] Frame rate selectable
120, 240, 480, 960 fps

[50i] Frame rate selectable
100, 200, 400, 800 fps
White BalancePreset (3200K), Memory A,
Memory B/ATW
Gamma CurveSelectable

Audio InputXLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2), line/mic/mic +48 V selectable
Video OutputIntegrated into Multi/Micro USB jack
Audio OutputIntegrated into Multi/Micro USB jack
SDI OutputBNC type (x1), SD/HD/3G (Level-B) selectable
SMTPE 259M/292M/424M/425M standards
USBMulti/Micro USB jack (x1)
Headphone OutputStereo mini jack (x1)
Speaker OutputMonaural
DC InputDC jack
RemoteStereo mini jack (F2.5 mm)
HDMI OutputHDMI connector (Type A)
Wired LANLAN Terminal

Viewfinder1.0 cm (0.39 type) OLED Approx. 1.44M dots
LCD8.8cm (3.5 type) Approx. 1.56M dots

Built-in Microphone
Built-in MicrophoneOmni-directional stereo electret condenser microphone

TypeMS/SD (1), SD (1)

Supported FormatIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Band2.4 GHz bandwidth
NFCNFC Forum Type 3 Tag compliant

*1 The values for dimensions are approximate
  • PXW-FS5 Body Only
  • SELP 18 105 G Lens
  • 1 x Handle
  • 1 x Grip remote
  • 1 x LCD Viewfinder
  • 1 x Accessory shoe
  • 1 x Accessory shoe plate
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x AC adaptor (AC-UES1230)
  • Power cord (qty is different for countries)
  • 1 x Wireless remote commander (RMT-845)
  • 1 x LCD protector
  • 1 x BP-U30 battery pack
  • BC-U1 battery charger
  • 2 x Operating guide
  • 4 x Screws
  • CD-ROM "Manuals for Solid-State Memory Camcorder
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