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  • Preston Light Ranger 2

Preston Light Ranger 2


The Light Ranger 2 from Preston Cinema Systems is an innovative tool that graphically divides a monitor into zones and intuitively guides your focus pulling in the correct direction.

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Cat no. PRESTON-LR-2
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The system consists of two units. The sensor unit sits atop the camera, preferably above the lens. Using parallax correction found in the on-screen menu, it can be placed anywhere that’s convenient.

The graphic video overlay divides the video monitor into 16 zones, like a bar graph. A horizontal bar runs across the middle of the screen. Each zone has a white bar whose height indicates the distance and direction the subject is from the plane of focus. The zone color changes to green when the subject is within the lens depth of field.

Bars above the line are behind the plane of focus.Bars below the line are in front of the plane of focus. Green bars show areas that are in focus. They show your depth of field, automatically calculated by lens focal length, distance and T-stop. The graphic overlay on the monitor shows the distance and the direction the subject is from the plane of focus: you don’t need to compare lens focus setting to distance measurement. Simple distance ranging mode shows distances for all 16 zones simultaneously when you want quick information or cannot run a focus tape.