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DJI Ronin-M Wireless Thumb Controller


Wireless Thumb Controller with pan and tilt control for the Ronin-M Stabiliser

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The DJI Wireless Thumb Controller for the Ronin-M stabiliser allows operators to expand their creativity even further than ever before. The unit mounts easily on the top handle bar via a simple clamp and features a pressure sensitive thumb stick for easy navigation through menus, pan and tilt control of the gimbal orientation, and saving presets. Get those impossible shots that will otherwise require multiple takes to get right!

The Wireless thumb controller for the Ronin M is a must have accessory for owner/operators, rental houses, and production companies either owning a Ronin-M or frequently using the stabiliser in their productions.With a long range of about 60 meters, the Wireless Thumb Controller can be used remotely as well, and with the addition of long-lasting battery life and a clear OLED screen, your Ronin-M experience improves dramatically and takes your creativity to a completely new level!

Complete Control by Thumb
A custom-made pressure sensitive stick allows you to quickly change the settings, speed, and direction of your gimbal, all at the flick of your thumb. Control where your camera is facing and access advanced settings including calibration, channel settings, and preset profiles. Making changes is even faster than when using the Ronin remote controller or mobile app, and can be done during any of your shots.

Fast Setup and Mounting
Simply link the Thumb Controller to your gimbal, and you are ready to go. The Thumb Controller clamps easily to the handle bars or can be placed anywhere you like, no tools required.

Clear OLED Screen
View your current status and click through menu options by using the bright, clear OLED screen. This compact yet powerful display makes accessing the basic functions of your Ronin-M easy.

Long Battery Life and Range
The Thumb Controller’s built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 18 hours of power per charge, enabling you to use it all day without worry. If you prefer to control your Ronin-M from a distance, the nearly 200 foot (60 meter) transmission range makes capturing unique shots easy.

Dual Controller Compatibility
Use the Thumb Controller in tandem with the Ronin-M’s included remote controller. You can set the priority control source by easily designating the primary device.

Future Upgrades
A USB port on the Thumb Controller allows you to download and apply future software updates and recharge the integrated battery.