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  • KINO FLO KIT-F80-230U Flathead 80 Kit, Univ 230U

Flathead 80 Kit, Univ 230U


Kino Flo Flathead 80 Fluorescent Kit

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Cat no. KINO FLO-KIT-F80-230U

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Flathead 80 Light Fixture Only
The Flathead 80 System works very much like the vaunted Foto-Flo 400, but it delivers twice as much light. The Flathead 80 fixture uses Kino Flo's custom Hollywood-style True Match lamps and reflector technology that displays a very soft, flattering beauty light. A special parabolic louver focuses the beam. Cardholder "bumpers" at each corner have also been added for hanging the fixtures, or for attaching foam core cutters or black cloth.

This is a fixture only -- no mounting plate, or ballasts. As with all Kino Flo fixtures and kits, the fluorescent tubes must be purchased separately.
• Delivers twice as much light as the Foto-Flo 400.
• Ideal for fashion and portrait photography.
• Tubes can be controlled remotely with a pair of optional Foto-Flo ballasts.
• Cool and lightweight enough to be hand held or mounted directly to walls and ceilings.

Mounting Plate with Junior (1-1/8") Pin
This is a Kino Flo Twist-on Mounting Plate with a junior (1-1/8") pin that will allow mounting of a Kino FLo fluorescent fixture into a cine-stand's female receptor.

4Bank Ballast
The 4Bank Ballast from Kino Flo is designed to power the 4' or 2' versions of the 4-lamp 4Bank fluorescent fixture. The silent, flicker-free ballast, specifically developed for film and video production, has 4-lamp on/off switching, runs on 100-240 VAC current and can power the fixture up to 75' away using optional head-to-ballast extension cables. It has a special Select switch to raise or drop wattage for output and color control.

Benefits • High output, flicker-free ballast
• Universal input voltage from 100-240 VAC can be used anywhere in the world
• Instant-on, dead quiet
• Individual lamp switching - no color shift
• HO/Std switching
• Low amperage draw
• Same ballast runs 4' and 2' lamps
• UL listed, CE approved

Extension Cable for 4-Bank Fixture - 25'
• Extends the range of one of the Kino Flo's 4-Bank fixture components
• 25 feet long

. Flathead 80 Ship Case (1-Unit)
• Heavy duty, reinforced Kino Flo Flathead 80 Shipping case (1), used to hold a Flathead 80 System.
Flathead 80 Light Fixture Only
Mounting Plate with Junior (1-1/8") Pin
2 x 4Bank Ballast
2 x Extension Cable for 4-Bank Fixture - 25'
Flathead 80 Ship Case (1-Unit)



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