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  • CANON CJ12EX4.3B IASE-S Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE 4K ENG Zoom Lens
  • CANON CJ12EX4.3B IASE-S Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE 4K ENG Zoom Lens
  • CANON CJ12EX4.3B IASE-S Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE 4K ENG Zoom Lens

Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE 4K ENG Zoom Lens


A ground-breaking 2/3” 4K wide angle portable lens

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A ground-breaking 2/3” 4K wide angle portable lens with 12x zoom and focal length that extends from an exceptional 4.3mm at the wide end to 52mm. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect way to bring high-quality 4K resolution to ENG and studio applications.

  • 4K resolution 2/3” portable wide angle lens with 12x zoom
  • Exceptional 4.3mm focal length at the wide end extends to 52mm (104mm using the built-in 2x extender)
  • Stunning optical performance right to the edge of the image when paired with a 2/3” 4K compatible camera
  • Combines 4K quality with lightweight design and compact size comparable to HD lenses for comfortable on-shoulder shooting
  • Sustained 4K performance even when using the built-in 2x extender
  • Proven, high-quality 16-bit encoder captures precise information on zoom, focus and iris and allows support for aberration correction immediately on start-up
  • 3 20-pin connectors make for effortless use with existing Canon HD lens accessories and virtual systems.
Canon’s first 2/3” 4K portable lens
The CJ12ex4.3B is the first in Canon’s 2/3” 4K lens range. A lightweight portable wide-angle lens featuring a 12x zoom, its exceptionally short focal length is just 4.3mm at the wide end, enabling users to capture impressive wide-angle shots like car interiors. Focal length extends to 52mm with full zoom applied (104mm using the built-in 2x extender) to create even more shooting options and possibilities. Current HD lens users will find the CJ12ex4.3B integrates seamlessly with 2/3”4K broadcast cameras and setups while delivering consistently stunning performance in a wide range of ENG and studio environments.

Breathtaking optical performance
Striking 4K resolution and high contrast are sustained uniformly from the centre to the edge of the image thanks to Canon’s proprietary optical design technologies. Contrast and resolution remain consistent throughout the focus and zoom ranges, in both the HDTV and 4K frequency bands. The lens features a host of clever features that prevent colour bleeding and minimise ghosting and flare: leaving you with stunning quality right to the edge of the image.

Lightweight, compact and portable
The CJ12ex4.3B’s size and weight are similar to comparable HD lenses despite its significantly higher resolution. So users can easily apply the same shooting style as they would with a standard HD lens while enjoying all the advantages of 4K. At just 2.1kg and 248mm total length, the lens can sit comfortably on the shoulder for extended periods. Canon’s ergonomic drive unit further helps to minimise user fatigue: a big plus for shoulder-mount shooting.

Smart, reliable and interoperable
Operating the CJ12ex4.3B is straightforward, and great results are easy to achieve, thanks to the lens’ breakthrough design. 4K performance is maintained throughout the entire zoom range; and the 0.5 second zoom speed is the same as found on HD lenses. So you won’t need to adjust the way you shoot to enjoy the lens’ 4K quality. There is no need to invest in new accessories because the zoom and focus demands for existing Canon HD portable lenses are fully compatible.

Proven 16-bit encoding
When you need to start shooting at speed, there’s no frustrating wait to initialise the lens at power-on, because the new generation digital drive unit includes Canon’s proven 16-bit encoder that enables immediate support for shooting with aberration correction on start-up without initialization. This 16-bit encoder gives you highly-detailed positional information on zoom, focus and iris, so you can match virtual images and actual images with precision and ease. Three 20-pin connectors make for easy virtual operation in full servo mode when the lens is used in a virtual system.

Zoom Ratio12×
Built-in Extender2.0×
Range of Focal Length4.3-52mm
(with Extender)8.6-104mm
Maximum Relative Aperture1:1.8 at 4.3-40mm
1:2.4 at 52mm
(with Extender)1:3.6 at 8.6-80mm
1:4.8 at 104mm
Angular Field of View16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4 mm):
96.3°× 64.2°
10.5°× 5.9°
(with Extender)58.3°× 34.9°
5.3°× 3.0°
M.O.D. from Lens Front0.3m
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4 mm):
76.4×43.0cm at 4.3mm
6.0×3.4cm at 52mm
(with Extender)38.2×21.5cm at 8.6mm
3.0×1.7cm at 104mm
Approx. Size (WxHxL)163.5 × 108 × 247.8mm
Approx. Mass2.1kg
Protection FilterOptional
Built-in optical Image Stablilizer-



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