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  • ZACUTO Z-CHCH Helmet coldshoe handle kit
  • ZACUTO Z-CHCH Helmet coldshoe handle kit

Z-CHCH (Used)


Z-CHCH (Used) Helmet coldshoe handle kit

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Z-CHCH (Used)

-1x Helmet coldshoe handle kit

Zacuto Z-CHCH (ZCHCH) Helmet Coldshoe Handle Kit for the Canon C300 and C500 Camcorders

This kit comes with the C300/C500 Helmet, a 3" Z-Rail and the QR Coldshoe Handle. The C300/C500 Helmet is a mini cage designed to mount directly to the top of the C300 or C500 in place of the Canon top handle. It gives you multiple 1/4 20 and 3/8 16 mounting screw holes to which you can securely attach a variety of accessories, Z-Rails, the C300/C500 Tapped Handle, or the C300/C500 Coldshoe Handle. The Helmet attaches to the camera via one screw on top and 2 additional screws on the sides, mounting it firmly in place. Longer screws for attaching the Helmet to the camera body are included. The two film plane screws must be removed from the camera, but can be screwed into the Helmet, maintaining their original position.

The QR Coldshoe Handle is a quick release handle that will work with any Z-Rail to give you a top handle with two unique cold shoe accessory mounts. The cold shoes (one vertical & one horizontal) are secured with Zacuto's new quick release clamp onto the shoe of your accessory. You can mount two cold shoe items at once with a half turn of a Zacuto lever. No unnecessary winding of the annoying plastic round tie down wheel! This new system is a convenient clamp that cannot come undone. It's a totally new way to create a rock solid coldshoe connection. The top handle itself is hand tooled fine three quarter maple.