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  • Fujinon UA80X9 2/3" UltraHD 4K Broadcast Zoom Lens (9mm - 720mm)

Fujinon UA80X9 2/3" UltraHD 4K Broadcast Zoom Lens (9mm - 720mm)


World’s first launch of 2/3" U-HDTV broadcast zoom lens "FUJINON UA80x9", compatible with 4K cameras. Powerful 80x zoom for exceptional performance in live coverage of sporting events and concerts.

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Fujinon UA80x9 2/3" UltraHD Broadcast Zoom Lens (80x zoom with 9mm to 720mm range)


Legendary optics manufacturer Fujinon announced a brand new Ultra HD broadcast zoom lens for 2/3" chip 4K cameras designed to bring the future of 4K broadcast of sports and live events into the comfort of your living room in stunning sharpness and vivid image quality far exceeding the current crop of broadcast optics. The Fujinon UA80x9 is a next generation broadcast zoom lens compatible with the latest generation of 4K cameras. Using the cutting-edge optical simulation technology, the lens achieves an impressive 80x zoom as well as advanced optical performance such as high image resolution, contrast and color reproduction. Covering the focal length from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto, the lens features a unique "optical stabilization mechanism" that provides optimum adjustment to image shakes caused by vibrations and wind, making it an excellent choice in live coverage of sporting events and concerts. 


The market needs for 4K video contents are surging amidst a seven-fold year-on-year increase in the shipment of 4K-compatible television sets to approx. 11.6 million units last year, and the launch of a dedicated 4K channel (CS satellite broadcasting) in Japan in March this year. Fujifilm’s lineup of cine lenses has included the "HK series"*3, which offers optical performance approximating to 8K systems, and "ZK series"*3, which combines 4K optical performance and electric drive units*4. With solid reputation not only from the film industry, but also from broadcasters producing 4K contents, lenses in both "HK" and "ZK" series are frequently used in test 4K broadcasts for international sporting events. However, the broadcasting industry generally uses cameras equipped with a 2/3-inch sensor including 4K cameras with the same sensor size, and is therefore seeking compatible broadcast lenses that deliver advanced optical performance.


Advanced optical performance that enables 4K compatibility under any shooting conditions

  •  The "floating focus system", which controls multiple lens groups according to the shooting distance, minimizes performance variations caused by the change of shooting distance to deliver high resolution from close-up to infinity. It is combined with a unique zoom system that minimizes aberration across the zoom range to achieve advanced optical performance compatible with 4K under any shooting conditions.
  • Fujifilm’s proprietary multi-layer coating processing "High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC)" is applied to the lens for enhanced tranmittance and color reproduction.

Powerful 4K footage with 80x zoom from 9mm in wide angle

  • This lens covers a vast range of focal lengths from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto, delivering outstanding performance in live coverage of sporting events and concerts to contribute to high realistic sensation in 4K video production.

Featuring the popular optical stabilization mechanism

  • The lens features a unique "optical stabilization mechanism" that Fujifilm has applied to a range of high-magnification zoom lenses. It provides optimum adjustment to image shakes caused by vibration and wind to achieve stable footage.

Best suited focus demand for 4K shooting

  • With the demand for accurate focusing needed for 4K resolution, Fujinon’s new focus position demand unit, the EPD-31A, has improved from 12 bit to 16bit encoding.

Equipped with 16bit encoder*6

  • The lens comes with the 16-bit encoder, capable of making a high-resolution output of lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage.

FUJINON lenses by Fujifilm are known for advanced descriptive performance, contributing to the evolution of video imaging through their use in the production of TV programs, movies and commercials across the world. Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years to develop and supply innovative products that address the diversifying needs of broadcasting production.

For pricing and any other questions regarding Fujinon lenses, give us a ring at 0208 977 1222 Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm.



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