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  • BLACKMAGIC BMD-CONVNTRM/OB/AUOPT Teranex Mini - Audio to Optical 12G
  • BLACKMAGIC BMD-CONVNTRM/OB/AUOPT Teranex Mini - Audio to Optical 12G
  • BLACKMAGIC BMD-CONVNTRM/OB/AUOPT Teranex Mini - Audio to Optical 12G

Teranex Mini - Audio to Optical 12G


Introducing Teranex Mini, the next generation 12G-SDI converters with award winning Teranex quality and support for all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60! All Teranex Minis include an internal AC power supply, professional XLR analog and AES/EBU audio connections and an ethernet connection for remote management and PoE alternate power! Teranex Mini features a user upgradable front panel that includes a color display and user controls so you can quickly monitor video and change settings right from the front of the converter! You get all of the same great features of regular mini converters and so much more.

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Exc VAT Price £355.50
Inc VAT Price £426.60

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Embed up to 2 channels of analog audio or 4 channels of AES/EBU digital audio into any SD, HD, Ultra HD or DCI 4K SDI video connection
Take audio from devices such as audio mixers and analog decks and embed it into 12G optical fiber and 12G-SDI video connections for use with SDI routers and decks

Optical Fiber Connection - LC connector, 1310 nanometer wavelength, single mode
Optical Fiber Video Output - 1 x 12G-SDI SD/HD/2K/4K auto switching
SDI Video Input - 1 x 12G-SDI SD/HD/2K/4K auto switching
Analog Audio Input - 2 channels professional balanced analog audio via XLR connectors, or 2 channel unbalanced analog line level via RCA connectors. Right XLR can be configured for timecode input
AES/EBU Audio Input - 4 channels professional 110O balanced digital audio via XLR connectors. Right XLR can be configured for timecode input
Optical Audio Input - S/PDIF Signal with TOSLINK Connector
Multi Rate Support - Automatic switching between SD/HD/2K and 4K

Use Anywhere
The world’s most versatile converters.

The all new Teranex Mini converters make building facilities and supporting all different types of video equipment easier than ever before. Teranex Mini is perfect for broadcast installations because they can be rack mounted and the optional front panel lets you see what’s being converted on the screen! They can even be remote managed over ethernet. Their compact size makes them great for portable racks at live events or in broadcast trucks, plus they have professional XLR audio connections for connecting to mixers and other audio gear! You can even use them in editing and color grading suites to drive big screen displays and projectors.

Reinventing the Mini Converter
The first mini converter you don’t have to hide.

Teranex Minis are so small that you can use them like regular mini converters such as hiding them in cable ducts, behind equipment and attached to televisions for monitoring. Teranex Mini’s new flexible design lets you use them on the desktop where you can see them, or rack mount them in larger broadcast systems. Unlike regular mini converters, you get full size professional XLR audio connections built into the converters, plus each converter has an ethernet connection so they can be administered remotely. You get mini switches so you can change settings instantly or, when you’re doing mission critical work, you can add the optional front panel to see exactly what you’re converting.

Rack Mountable
The world's first 12G-SDI rack mount converters.

Card based rack converters are expensive, cannot handle high SDI speeds such as 12G-SDI and you have to buy an entire rack chassis even if you only want to install one converter. Teranex Minis can be rack mounted in combinations of one or more and you can take them out and use them non rack mounted whenever you need! You get built in AC power and ethernet