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Linear PCM Recorder for Sennhe


Linear PCM Recorder for Sennheiser wireless system

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Exc VAT Price £170.40
Inc VAT Price £204.48
Cat no. TASCAM-DR-10CS

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TASCAM’s DR-10C-series recorders connect to your lavaliere microphone to create a compact recording system that fits on a belt pack. Two versions are available: the DR-10CL for Lectrosonics mics and DR-10CS for Sennheiser microphones. Additionally, option kits are available for Shure (AK-DR10CH) and Sony/RAMSA (AK-DR10CR.)
The DR-10CL & CS recorders have both inputs and outputs, so they can either be used stand-alone or with a wireless transmitter. When used with a transmitter, the DR-10C acts as a backup to protect against wireless dropouts during recording. For lectures or worship services, the DR-10C can record the entire program before it gets to the front of house system. And for events like weddings and reality TV production, the DR-10C is a compact recording system for body mics.
The lightweight DR-10C runs for hours on a single AAA battery. It records to standard microSD media. Recording features include auto-gain and a low-cut filter for simple setup. Its dual recording feature records a safety track of your audio at a lower level, so in case of distortion you have a non-clipped backup. When multiple units are used, an infrared signal can synchronize settings between recorders.
Whether using it as a backup or as a primary recording system, there’s nothing else like the TASCAM DR-10CL and CS..

DR-10CL/CS features:
Micro Linear PCM Recorder for Wireless Beltpacks
48kHz/24-bit mono digital recording
Uses standard microSD/microSDHC card media (up to 32GB)
Dual Recording feature captures a safety track in case of distortion
Two models for Lectrosonics and Sennheiser mics, option packs for Shure, Sony, and RAMSA
Hold function prevents accidentally switching off the recorder (All keys cannot operate during recordin)
Limiter and low-cut filter on input
Auto gain control
Records BWF file timestamped with time of day clock
Time Track increment function writes new track after a preset amount of time.(There is on/off setting, but the time is 15 minutes fixed when turn it on)
OEL display for easy visibility in any light condition
More than 8hours recording on a single AAA battery
Settings can be created with text file on PC and transferred to DR-10C via USB connection