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365 Rigging for Tablet


The 365 Personal Prompting Assistant is designed to be used in 4 basic applications. It can be rigged for Tablet based prompting, as an Interrotron for picture based prompting and can also be rigged with conventional prompting devices including Micro Prompts for Steadicam and Jimmy Jib applications and up to 12” sized conventional head up prompting displays. Given this range of applications the products has many target markets who are all finding the product suitable for their production needs. *Items in the case are whats included, extra photos for demo purposes. See "In the box" below.

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Exc VAT Price £595.00
Inc VAT Price £714.00
Cat no. 365-001

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Broadcast – the product does not replace conventional studio set ups but we are finding that it is being used in factual, sports and news programming on location where a conventional prompting rig with operator is not cost justifiable but the 365 in its tablet or Interrotron mode is!

Corporate, Government and Education – Many productions in these genres have not been able to cost justify traditional prompting work style of kit and operator. The 365 takes away all these cost issues (in fact often saving them money) and provides a level of professionalism that is expected for all type of programming today!

Self-Shooter / Freelance - Can be working on a very varied range of productions (as above) and are now finding that they are able to cost justify and take advantages of a prompting workflow for their shows!

Sales Approach / Style

Professionalism – the ability for the presenter to totally engage with the audience and maintain the all-important eye line contact (which conveys trust and belief). This is especially true where (as in corporate productions) the presenter (CEO / CFO etc.) may not do TV Presenting for a living!

Cost Saving – what we have been told that is a number of companies have been able to redeem the cost of the 365 within weeks purely by being able to reduce the amounts of retakes and fluffs to get that perfect piece first time. Savings come from getting a 6 hour shoot down to 4 hours and means that hired in talent and staff are not on over runs and the costs associated with that!

Prompting Credentials

Portaprompt – award winning (Technical Emmy in 2009), prompting company established in 1976 – this is all we do! We have the widest range of prompting solution available today and offer operator with kit, dry hire (kit only) and sales for all aspects of TV and Conferencing prompting work

Datavision – carry a wide range of TV products including lighting, protective cases, Chroma Key products and a small range of tablet based prompting devices for sale (no hire)

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15mm Bar Rig (with short and long Tele-scoping Bars)
Glass Frame
Folding Cloth Hood (which simply laces around the lens to prevent light entering the rear of the hood)
Mounting Clamps
2 x T10 glass reflectors & cover
Lightweight carrying case