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  • PAG 9360 PAG L95 Time Battery 14.8V 6.5Ah V-Mount

PAG L95 Time Battery 14.8V 6.5Ah V-Mount


  • Advanced Li-Ion technology
  • V-Mount connection
  • 95 watt-hours capacity
  • Lightweight - only 745 grams
  • UN Certified, Safe for Air Travel
  • Power and time Display

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PAG L95 Time Battery 14.8V 6.5Ah V-Mount

The PAG L95 is a 14.8V 6.5Ah 95 Wh Li-Ion battery that is very popular in the broadcast industry. PAG has long been an industry standard broadcast kit powering shoulder mount and large sensor cameras for decades. The L95 features a digital display, high voltage and light weight construction.

  • Advanced Li-Ion technology
  • V-Mount connection
  • 95 watt-hours capacity
  • Lightweight - only 745 grams
  • UN Certified, Safe for Air Travel
  • Power and time Display
Advanced Li-Ion Technology
Lithium-Ion technology possesses a fantastic powerto-weight ratio. It is for this reason that it is especially well suited to the latest professional broadcast cameras. The PAG L95 Li-Ion Time Battery combines power, accuracy and reliability, making it the industry’s most advanced battery. The 14.8V 6.5Ah pack has a capacity of 95 watt-hours and yet weighs only 745g. The result is increased run-time for both a camcorder and a camera light up to 35W. Two L95s will provide enough power for a days shooting with most camera and lighting set-ups, and are small and light enough to be stowed in your camera bag.

Power & Time Display
One of the major advantages of PAG’s digital Li-Ion battery is the PAG Power & Time Display; it is the industry’s most accurate capacity indication device. PAG’s unique display shows remaining camera runtime, on-load, counting-down in 1 minute increments. The easy-to-read digital character display also shows available capacity in 1% or 0.1Ah increments. The PAG Power & Time Display is far more accurate than other so-called ‘Real-Time’ displays or LED arrays. It automatically evaluates the battery condition as well as the conditions of use to provide an accurate reading, which is updated against changes in load. PAG is the only manufacturer to offer this level of accuracy.

One Battery, All Systems
PAG is the only manufacturer that provides its premier digital Li-Ion battery in the three most popular formats: PAGLock, Anton-Bauer and V-mount.

To ensure the longest possible cycle life, PAG L95s should be charged with PAG all-chemistry chargers. Both 2 and 4 channel models are available that incorporate compatible battery connectors. It is also possible to charge any L95 via the front PP90 sockets of all-chemistry PAG chargers, using the appropriate charge adaptor. The V-Mount compatible L95 battery can be charged using PAG V-Series or suitable Sony chargers. A high/low charge facility within the PAGlok and Snapon compatible models, provides a choice between extended cycle life or high capacity, when charging with PAG all-chemistry chargers.

The Industry's Safest Battery
PAG has incorporated many levels of protection within the L95 to ensure that it is one of the safest batteries available, of any cell-chemistry. These features help prevent the damaging processes that reduce capacity; and in combination with proprietary charging techniques, ensure a longer battery cycle life. PAG is able to offer a warranty of 2 YEARS on the L95 as a result of its exemplary performance record. Quality branded cells, such as those utilised by the PAG L95, are a vital prerequisite to the creation of a safe Li-Ion battery. The L95s internal circuits are coated with Parylene, the premier conformal coating, to protect circuits against the results of severe mechanical abuse to the cell pack.

UN Certified Air Transport Safe
PAG L95 batteries have been tested by an independent test facility, to comply with UN regulations as required by air transport and civil aviation authorities. Regulations exist because poorly constructed Li-Ion batteries have been known to break down internally and self-ignite. Testing is a legal requirement of conformity with the regulations, and it is therefore inadvisable to buy Li-Ion batteries that have NOT been tested. You should always ask the manufacturer to provide a test report number that relates to the assembled battery pack, and not just the individual cells.

ChemistryLithium Ion
Output Voltage14.8 VDC
ConnectionV-Lock Connector
Capacity95 Wh
Weight1.64 lbs
745 grams
Dimensions (WxHxD)3.4 x 1.65 x 5.1"
8.6 x 4.2 x 13.0cm
1 x PAG L95 Time Battery in V-mount